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To Know and To Be Known

To love another person¬†is to see the face of God. ¬†– Victor Hugo Is it not miraculous to fall in love with a stranger? Not a love like that of wine and roses, but like that of wine and laughter … Continue reading

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G.B….The Long Goodbye

There is a lot more life and attempts at faith going on these days than my travels. In general, I need to write more for myself; perhaps I may find that despite the infrequency of plane rides, bumpy roads through … Continue reading

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Something To Believe In

I’m finding it more difficult as my age increases, to believe ‘the experts’. I fear its making me cynical. The ‘they’ that I once looked to for guidance has now become an object of my mind’s scorn. Who are you … Continue reading

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“Let Us Speak Of Things That Matter”

The phrase continues to echo in my mind, despite the time that has gone by and the thousands of miles away that I first heard the words. On the little island in the cold waters of the Atlantic sits a … Continue reading

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Life On Lewis

I can’t bare skipping over our time in Scotland, simply because I am behind on my Norway adventures. Kristiansand and Bergen are just going to have to wait for another time. We’re living here. Literally. We have our own flat, … Continue reading

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The Gift of Time in Norway

It’s the Fall in Norway and with gratitude in our hearts, we find ourselves strolling about in it, appreciating the chill on our cheeks and scarves about our necks. Another adventure to call our own stored in a treasure trove … Continue reading

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Curtain Call

I wonder if reconciliation can truly be reality. Its a strange feeling when you’ve willingly brought down the curtain on someone in your life and after years, the curtain comes up and the show has continued. Old characters are on … Continue reading

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