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The longer I live, the more I realize that striving, by definition, is an obsolete practice within my faith in Christ. I, without question, am ‘failing’ on so many levels as a Christian. Do I read or pray or seek … Continue reading

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To Know and To Be Known

To love another person¬†is to see the face of God. ¬†– Victor Hugo Is it not miraculous to fall in love with a stranger? Not a love like that of wine and roses, but like that of wine and laughter … Continue reading

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G.B….The Long Goodbye

There is a lot more life and attempts at faith going on these days than my travels. In general, I need to write more for myself; perhaps I may find that despite the infrequency of plane rides, bumpy roads through … Continue reading

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Something To Believe In

I’m finding it more difficult as my age increases, to believe ‘the experts’. I fear its making me cynical. The ‘they’ that I once looked to for guidance has now become an object of my mind’s scorn. Who are you … Continue reading

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“Let Us Speak Of Things That Matter”

The phrase continues to echo in my mind, despite the time that has gone by and the thousands of miles away that I first heard the words. On the little island in the cold waters of the Atlantic sits a … Continue reading

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Life On Lewis

I can’t bare skipping over our time in Scotland, simply because I am behind on my Norway adventures. Kristiansand and Bergen are just going to have to wait for another time. We’re living here. Literally. We have our own flat, … Continue reading

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A Small Taste of Oslo

I love seeing the world, primarily for the time spent with people and the experiences and copious amounts of food we share when with these people. Its a delight, but one rarely partakes in your typical holiday activities, which I … Continue reading

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