Something To Believe In

LiesI’m finding it more difficult as my age increases, to believe ‘the experts’. I fear its making me cynical. The ‘they’ that I once looked to for guidance has now become an object of my mind’s scorn.

Who are you panels of knowledge, think tanks of wisdom, approved committees of expertise? What makes you so special?

My Hypothesis: If you believe in the experts, then your life will be fine.

The Educated: Its not so much that I don’t believe in education as providing a certain authority in knowledge, but after having graduated and observing many professors teaching their well constructed opinion labeled as fact, a few letters after someone’s name is no longer that impressive to me. Maybe its knowing that Harvard professors have been paid large sums to write great things about failing economies; essentially being used for their credentials and openly lying for a paycheck. Perhaps if a doctorate was given to those who were best able to consider (and research) all ideas presented, and present their conclusion as a possibility like the philosophers and scientists of old, then my respect may be returned.

The Governing Bodies: I’d like to look at the Office of the President, House Committees or even the FDA as some sort of grouping of geniuses, but the more I learn about various acronymed administrating bodies, I am disgusted. Career politicians who have forgotten who they work for, panels of people who would rather be sued that speak the truth about health and wellness, lies told until someone blows the whistle. Really? Is this what it has come down to? Defend ‘your’ truth at all cost. Where is the humility? Where is the integrity?

Group Think Society: The ‘they’ that inserts expertise in to the mind, conveying the absolute truths of responsibility, parenting, career, finances, image, relationships. The ‘they’ that brings doubt to that gut feeling that I was so confident in just a moment ago. ‘They’ are the helpers that are only trying to help you help yourself. It’s innocent really. All you need to do is follow their plan and all will be fine. Though you felt at ease one moment, ‘they’ came along to make you anxious, but ‘they’ wrote a book about it, so it’ll be fixed soon… It never works. Otherwise, the self help industry wouldn’t be booming; there would be one book in each category of self help and it would solve every problem within that category.

I have been lied to over and over and over again. I am sickened by the notion that those who have been charged to convey truth have taken it upon themselves to lie with great fervency and defend their lies with great vigor. What am I to believe? Who am I to believe?

My Conclusion: God is the expert, because God can not lie.

Numbers 23:19: “God is not a man, that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should repent. Has He said, and will He not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?”

This conclusion is not my excuse to quit thinking. I continue to ask questions, at times to the dismay of my friends and family. But Father, Son, Holy Spirit is the only ‘they’ that gives me any semblance of peace and washes the doubt from my mind. The only expert that doesn’t lie to me is the King of a Kingdom that has eliminated pecking orders and pride, special panels and blatant lies. It’s a Kingdom who gives wisdom to those who ask for it; a Kingdom that provides values that even our humanist forefathers perceived as beneficial to society.

Ask the questions, but find the Answer. He’s is the hope that my heart needs every time I find out, that once again, I have believed false claims and ideologies. The only belief I have that can turn what I perceive as absolutely hopeless in to hope for the future is Christ, Himself. Not church or friends or family. The Man who was the example to the world of  righteousness. Who atoned for our sins that we can be righteous in Him. In the darkness of lies and deceit and worship of self and man-made expertise, is pure, bright Light.

I’m not sure if any of this makes sense to someone who might stumble across this blog, but some days you just need to write.


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1 Response to Something To Believe In

  1. Karin says:

    Wonderful post! Sometimes I feel like that too… I just get tired of hearing all the lies. But it’s true, we have someone we can go to that will NEVER lie to us! What a relief! Our God is good.

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