Curtain Call

I wonder if reconciliation can truly be reality.

Its a strange feeling when you’ve willingly brought down the curtain on someone in your life and after years, the curtain comes up and the show has continued. Old characters are on stage and new actors have been added. The show has not ceased and it seems that as you watch, you missed some of the best acts.

I guess that’s the strange thing that occurs when the curtain comes down on a best friend. Someone who knew me well. Its an odd mix of emotions when you look someone in the face with great joy that you’ve been reconciled in some form but that look, likewise brings sadness. For what once was relating on such a deep level has been reduced to a knowing smile and a big hug.

I am content with this reality as I’ve known since the curtain came down that it was best to leave the performance and find another play house. But I’ve always loved a good show and loved even more the development of characters. I suppose I just wish I knew how this particular character reached the final scene. Maybe someday he’ll recall this history to me and along the way I’ll know what reconciliation looks like for this friendship. Perhaps the show, in reality, has only just begun.

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3 Responses to Curtain Call

  1. marcarius says:

    True characters always enjoy the show

  2. I appreciate your words here, so authentic. I’ve thought so much about this topic of reconciliation! (as you can imagine!) I know you weren’t looking for advice and I certainly don’t have any! But I have lived a little and had a few bumps along the way that required mending. My experience varies from person to person…but always there was a distinct change. A change that I had to accept. Amy Carmichael wrote that “in acceptance lies peace”,and I’ve clung to that when I couldn’t understand relational things clearly.

  3. Granny says:

    Beautiful example of he bittersweet nature of life. Title of my book, title of my life. And its okay. We’ll miss you!

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