A Letter To My Stornoway Friends

I’ve been writing some letters and emails to people recently that I feel either express something about myself, the human heart or God, so I will be posting some of those writings…let me know if it means anything to you.

Hello Friends on the Isle of Lewis,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (don’t I sounds like Paul?). It’s snowing today in our lovely city and all is covered in a blanket of white. I think the most incredible aspect of a snowfall is how it seems to silence the noise. It is the stillness of a snowy landscape that feeds the eyes and the heart. I hope that you all are blessed with a snowfall this winter season. Stornoway all dressed in white; what a beautiful scene that would be!

While I dream of returning to see all all of your beautiful faces, in the meanwhile, we are off to The Gambia to do some mission work of various kinds. We know primarily we will be there to learn from our seasoned missionary friends as well as from the joy and lives of the African people. My mind is nervous if I let it wander too far, but my heart is glad beyond belief. I think as a toast to a wonderful 2012 ahead and to seeing you all again this year – I may pour myself a little scotch in my friendship cup that you so graciously sent, sit by the fire and be thankful.

Thank you for being a part of my life and welcoming me so lovingly. Thank you for the incredibly thoughtful birthday gift and taking the time to celebrate with me so many miles away. I know a piece of my heart is resting on the sea wall at the Castle Grounds; at the coffee shop above the art museum; at the delicious curry house; with sweet Agnes and her sister in Barvas Village; in the waves of Borv Beach; with Annie’s pancakes and tea; in the light that breaks through the clouds whilst in flight; and with each of you whose memory is carried with  me constantly. I can not wait to see you all again soon. Please pray that God makes a way.

Sending my love,



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