A Different Kind of Christmas

I’ve never had a Christmas season like the one I am experiencing this year. Employment in the household is, well, unconventional and it seems that the hopes I’ve had for many years of not making Christmas all about consumption have become a reality by necessity. I’m not upset. In many ways, its afforded me the season I’ve always wanted: wrapping done ahead of time, free evenings for Christmas movies, coloring in my oversized Santa coloring book, no anxiety filled parking lots. For the first time in years, I revisited an old tradition with my mother at a favorite bakery.  My season is precious and wonderfully peaceful.

I woke up this morning and was delighted by the white frost covering everything outside and immediately the line, “Jack Frost nipping at your nose,” popped in to my head. As it turns out, he was also nipping at my thermostat which read 56 degrees. So while I sit at the base of the stairwell next to one of the heat vents, I’m writing this blog with the hopes of encouraging some others who might be in my situation this season.

Having little is a beautiful thing. Giving of what matters most is not only what this season is about, but what life is all about; give of your heart, your listening ear, your prayers, your time. It matters more to people than any of us will ever know. You may even find that your abundance of intangibles makes you feel wealthier than ever.

So now I share a song, as songs are this beautiful poetry set to music that identify with our circumstances or thoughts we have trouble expressing. This particular song seems to identify perfectly what this Christmas is all about in my house. Enjoy!

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One Response to A Different Kind of Christmas

  1. marcarius says:

    Good to see you writing…way to go kid:)

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