Swallows Are Free

SwallowAs spring has burst forth and the insects begin rising from the ashes, the swallow, like tiny fighter jets, return to our region and take to the sky.

Gliding inches from the surface of fields and waters, these creatures fearlessly turn and twist with great precision, gaining altitude and new direction without hesitation. They dash about with purpose and delight.

I suppose I’ve always thought that the majesty of an eagle would be a superior choice in feather envy. Why wouldn’t one desire to be the greatest of all raptors, soaring, poised with excellence, admired by all and threatened by no one? To rise on wings like eagles is power.

Laying down in a green pasture, resting my hands behind my head and looking to heaven; I watch the swallow dance in and out of my frame. My heart arrested by the freedom on display; smiling because of the joy in which this freedom is conveyed. Small, yet daring. Unpretentious, yet beautifully brushed with a jacket of deep blue, a blouse in creamy white and a glistening collar of bronze. Dancing unabashedly ransom.

I observe silently, but hear the message the swallow sings so sweetly: because she dances, she is free.

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One Response to Swallows Are Free

  1. Christy says:

    Sigh… beautiful!

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