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Fear and Loathing in Christmas?

I am a fearful participant of Christmas in the United States. For someone who hates navigating mall parking lots in the off season, the terror sets in early when I think about the impending storm that is the holidays. Instead … Continue reading

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Reykjanes Peninsula

DAY 4 – SEPT 11TH, 2010 I woke up this day remembering the events of 2001.  I pray every year on this day that I would never forget; that I would never in my heart, let those people die in … Continue reading

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The Golden Circle

DAY 3 – SEPT 10TH, 2010 It was a Friday and we were still pinching ourselves at the idea of being in Iceland.  Sandholt Bakeri had provided a loaf of amazing bread and local blueberry jam for breakfast. We added … Continue reading

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