The Great Dream

My conclusion for the day (though I’ve concluded it several times previously): the American dream is a nightmare. I’m supposed to sit at a desk for 8 hours a day (minimum), forget to consume food of substance (no, little stale cookies and Diet Coke DON’T count), rely on incompetent vendors to assist me in the happiness of my employer and clients, and because of their incompetence I must return home and continue working to ensure said happiness of said employer and clients. This at the sacrifice of sanity of mind and peace of the safe haven which takes the name ‘home’.

I am thankful to be working, but I question the desire in the mind (which I’m sure was inserted by microchip whilst we slept somewhere between “Hey-Diddle-Diddle” and To Kill A Mockingbird) to live such a life. Or is the microchip programmed to the desire for more tangibles (bigger house, nicer car, etc) or intangibles (comfort, peace) which we feel can only be obtained by climbing the perpetual ladder of corporate fortune?

I am thankful to be working. I am thankful that it helps to pay off our debt. But I often wonder if it is my purpose or my fear which keeps me in my cubicle. I know without doubt that it is not my desire, tangible or intangible. Tomorrow is a new day – may my purpose be fulfilled or my fear conquered.

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