Hug Me

Last night I received the biggest, longest hug I’ve ever had and I never knew so many emotions could happen in so relatively short a moment.

I came in to the small room full of so many wonderful people I gave a couple hugs and greetings. And then I saw the man with the shiny head, grayish gotee and dancing eyes get up and he was so happy to see me. He hugged me so big it lifted me up off the ground!

So I started out with a big smile, because I love hugs from this person (he’s like a second father to me), but then he didn’t let go, he just kept holding the embrace and I went from smiling to melting and then nearly found myself in tears as I closed my eyes and held on tight experiencing the warm, unencumbered, unconditional embrace of a father.

It was so pure and left me feeling almost guilty for wanting to have stayed in that spot for so much longer. Who gets to feel that way any more? I don’t even recall feeling that desire as a child. When I was younger, I knew I was loved, but to feel it is so different and leaves you so vulnerable; reflecting on all the past moments when you simply wanted to leave the world behind and know you were safe in daddy’s arms.

We all grow up too fast; hearing, seeing, experiencing that which was not intended. But last night, even if it was for a moment, I was a child again, wrapped up safely in a bear hug.

Thank you.

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