Family Is Always More Important Than…

I’ve learned a valuable lesson these last couple months: Material possessions are never more important than family, even if it is a cool boat.

Co-owning big items with friends and family can be awesome! But one party can end up in a financial situation that they never planned on and the other party can find themselves in a predicament they never intended to be. Tense and sometimes heartbreaking conversations follow suit.

Maybe we’re wrong or right, maybe we’re offended, maybe it was handled poorly, maybe there are things from the past that warrant one party treating the other party a certain way or getting something out of it. None of the arguments are worth losing family over. After all, things come and go, but when you desire to see your nephew grow up or spend quality time over a turkey dinner with your brother and sister, things, even if they are worth thousands, mean nothing.

It hasn’t been the easiest situation, but we are soon to be sole owners of a once shared ownership boat. By the grace of God, I hope that we have been humble enough to keep the relationship in tact. I know we are more thankful than ever to have the pleasure of experiencing life from the perspective of the water. And I certainly can’t wait to share it with our nephew and enjoy many years of enjoyable turkey (and maybe a few crab and fish) dinners with our brother and sister.

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