Accidents Hurt

Last Thursday I was in a car accident. I have few words to describe it, other than it was frightening and I never want to relive it.

An accident by definition is an undesirable happening that occurs unintentionally and can result in harm. They also unintentionally hurt. They hurt your car, your back, your neck and in my case, one’s pride.

You see, I’ve found I have perceived myself as invincible. That somehow a car accident may cause initial harm, but surely I would not suffer at the hand of back aches, neck popping and *gasp* the Physical Therapist. Somehow, someway, I would not endure the same pain as those who have gone before me: I must be healthier, stronger.. whatever.  Well, none of it is true. I still hurt a week later and by recommendation by my doctor, I have made appointment with a Physical Therapist for next Tuesday. *ugh

So here I am, merely a mortal human who is now sleeping with a neck brace. The best thing out of the deal is that I have realized what I have taken for granted. Sitting in a chair without pain, not enduring headaches on a daily basis. So may I be grateful for how my digits plug away at the keyboard and how my eyes scan the room full of so many colors and beautiful facial expressions. It is a joy to be alive and the daily activities that I partake in are gifts to be thankful for.

Drive safe everybody.

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