So here is a prettymuch meaningless post, but there’s no one following, so I blog on for my own purposes.

Perhaps this moment or this blogger is TBTL.

Modern and developing acronyms are an everyday joy where I work. What can we come up with? The regulars: BTW, BRB, LOL, OMG, WTF. For those of you who are internet slang illiterate, the previous acronyms stand for ‘By The Way’, ‘Be Right Back’, the infamous ‘Laugh Out Loud’, ‘Oh My God/Gosh’ and ‘What The ****’ (I am quoting work). My newest creation is as follows: CSHIGH. Any guesses? Chuckling So Hard I’m Getting A Hernia… yeah, I know its weird, but this is where this is leading to. Just come up with something and gain some ‘cool’.

So my point is that I (heart) TBTL, the show that is probably ‘Too Beautiful To Live’. I grew up listening to the wide ranging, opinionated rants of 710 KIRO AM. There weren’t many other stations my parents listened to, except for Oldies 97.3 FM. Funny, KIRO is now 97.3 FM and now that I’m older, I appreciate it mom and pops! Especially now that they’ve adjusted their format.

I write this post as proof that I was a listener at the beginning. Before all of the rest of you think you’ve found the coolest new thing, I’ve been listening since the humble beginnings. (This is me trying to not feel old :))

That’s all. You just all need to check out the way AWESOME show TBTL from 7p – 10p M-F on 97.3 FM. Or check out the Podcast.


(What’s the deal with the photo? If you google TBTL, these nifty toothbrush timers pop up as an image… yes, definitely TBTL.)

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