Copenhagen…Probably the best city in the world!

Greetings from Compenhagen, Denmark:

We are so blessed to have the chance to fly over to Copenhagen to visit our Danish friends. Simon, Birgitte, and Anders became friends in 2001 while at Tauernohf Bible School in Austria. Since then, Simon and Birgitte have married and just gave birth to their first son, Jarl. Anders continues his biblical studies and is about to write his thesis and formally become a preacher in the Danish church in the next year or so.

After waking up at 3:00am to catch our flight from the UK, we arrive in sunny Copenhagen to find our friend Simon waiting at the airport. Excited to catch up with old friends and ready to see the city we head out after meeting up with the rest of the gang.

Copenhagen is a wonderful city. It is safe, fun, clean and easy to get around. In the center of the city is Tivoli Garden. It is filled with rides, restaurants, shows, gardens and other Danish goodies. Wasting no time we enter Tivoli and take in the summer activities and prepare for their big rollercoaster! With a bit of apprehension and excitment we strap ourselves in for an intense ride of drops, loops and “cork-screws”. We finished off the day with their famous hard candy, a short walk through the city and a nice meal back at Simon and Birgitte’s house.

The next days offered up some great conversation and views of both the city and the countryside. Two highlights include eating a tasty ice cream, with a kind of marsh mellow topping called “Guff”, after taking in the city from a wonderful canal ride. The other highlight was going to the town of Sorø (about 1hr drive southwest of Copenhagen). In Sorø Anders is working with a church and is reaching out to the town’s youth to encourage dialogue and share the love of Christ with them. One way they are doing this is by using a bus that has been converted into a cafe called “Cafe Intro”. He parks it in town and the kids come in for coffee and to hang out. It also allows them to ask tough questions and to try and figure out this “Christian” thing. One surprise on or trip to Sorø was that Anders took us out in the bus and parked it by a beautiful lake for coffee and a movie!
We are so thankful for our friends in Copenhagen and are excited to see what the Lord will do through them in the coming years.

Now back to London before going to New York City.

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One Response to Copenhagen…Probably the best city in the world!

  1. So fun…Copenhagen is one of my fav’s, too…we visited family there in 1999 (the Anderson side is Danish, ja?)…great memories from Tivoli and in the incredible big park near the American Embassy – we were there on May 1 (may day), which is International Socialist Day – the park was packed with young people, bands, lots of hammer and sickle flags (a shocker for me..), riot police in front of the Embassy – people were angry with the US for intervening in Kosovo and pretty amped up…we were Canadian that day! 🙂 Copenhagen was where we had the horrifying first experience of discovering that others had different computer keyboards than us… Thanks for bringing back the memories!
    We love you guys! What an amazing experience this is – bless you in every moment of it!
    All the best –
    Jamie (and Al)

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