Cornwall: Land of Pasties and Clotted Cream

Sorry it has been awhile friends. We’ve been having too much fun in the last week, plus.

From Monday through Friday of last week our UK adoptive mum and dad, James & Mary Alice, took us to the country side! And what a time we had! 

We started off in the Malvern Hills which sit on the edge of Wales. While James and MA were visiting with friends, we were loaned a little red car which took us to some great treks. We went to one of the higher hills and amongst the sheep and bunny rabbits we took in the spectacular views. We had supper with our wonderful hosts, Jill and Martin, and fantastic conversation.

From the hills we had a long drive to Cornwall.  We took a coastal detour and visited the small and VERY narrow streets of Port Isaac and also a great beach littered with surfers decked out in wetsuits. On to Wadebridge where Jame’s sister, Rosina, owns a 300 year old classic stone home which she often runs as a B&B. She was such a sweet woman and welcomed us (along with her two black labs) quite openly. The home sat on many acres of farm land and you could see all the way to the estuary below. The views were expansive of the wide open spaces and we truly got a feel for the slower pace of life outside London.

One of the highlights was visiting the small town of Padstow both by ferry and by bicycle. Padstow is a small fishing village off the Atlantic coast and offers cute little shops and restaurants. Our first visit (by ferry) was attained geared up in waterproof everything, as the weather was unbelievably poor. However, we adopted the name ‘liquid sunshine’ as a substitute for what we Northwesterners call rain. Very cute location and we had the privilege of eating fish and chips at a Rick Stein restaurant (apparently a big deal in the UK) – delish!

Our second visit to Padstow met us with much finer weather. We had quite the bicycle ride through the country and overall biked about 17 miles. The next day, Rosina lead us on a coastal walk that took us to gorgeous cliffs and rock formations. Not a place where you want to stand too close to the edge for long, but you want to drink in the view forever.

On the way home we soaked in some Todd Bentley sermons and reflected on our gratitude for the our friends. What a blessing they are to us-full of love and incredible wisdom. They are an answer to prayer. We also made another stop (third for us) to Marks & Spencer, our new fav grocery store. Valencia Orange and Willamete Raspberry Juice (100%) is truly something we shall miss.

Oh…by the way…the title references the joy we found in the local cuisine of steak filled pasties and scones topped with jam and clotted cream. 🙂

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