Prayer in the Park

Saturday, July 5th, we took a leap of faith.   We went to Parson’s Green with James and members from Christ Church Fulham to pray for healing at a festival on the green.  We did not associate it with a church or ministry, but simply handed out leaflets inviting people to receive prayer for healing if they so chose.  We directed them to a booth that had a huge sign that read “HEALING”. There was no hiding behind anything here folks.  Who we are and what we’re about was spelled out in blue and white in a very public place.

We had the privilege of praying for a woman from Uganda who suffered from diabetes.  After praying with her for several minutes, we sensed that the Lord was revealing that she and her family had a long history of witchcraft. We laid it all on the table and asked her about it and quickly discovered that there had been a long “tradition” of witchcraft in her family. We encouraged her to pray off the curses from that lifestyle and she went for it! She began to repent of her activity, her sister’s activity, her ancestors and children’s activity; she went on and on as tears streamed down her face.  It was an amazing moment and particular eye opening when she began to thank God for answering her morning prayer: ‘Please provide me with someone today who can see in to my life in ways that I can not, so I can see how I can be closer to God.’  There we were – a direct answer to prayer. It was so amazing to see how God worked!  We believe that God has healed her of diabetes…however, we will never know.

Later on…we witnessed a physical miracle!  While standing next to James, sharing about how exciting it was to pray for people who had internal issues, the subject of never having had an answer as to whether they were physically healed was broached: we wanted to see something.  While this was being expressed, Stuart Lees, the Vicor of Christ Church Fulham, began to pray for a twelve year-old girl with cerebral palsy. We came around them and began to pray in agreement for this girl’s healing.

He laid hands on her and prayed for a minute or two. He asked if she could feel anything and she did not. Stuart then asked she and the family which stood about her what would be a sign to them that God was reallyworking.  They responded by saying that she would be able to move her right leg, which had been paralyzed since birth. With this knowledge Stuart and the rest of us continued to pray. He then asked her to move her right leg. She lifted it 3 inches off the wheelchair platform extension, to which she and her family responded with weeping!  Miracle!!!  Miracle!!!  The family could hardly believe it and neither could any of us.  We delighted in the goodness of God and cannot wait to hear of the day in which she will walk again.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this faith-filled day and testified with the others of the power of God at church the next morning! God is so good!

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One Response to Prayer in the Park

  1. Jamie & Alison Anderson says:

    Come on!!! That’s incredible! WE LOVE THIS TESTIMONY! Where’s the next place the Kingdom will come through you two? 🙂 Blessings from Tacoma – we miss you and think about you often – we’re having you over for dinner when you get home!
    All the best –
    Jamie & Alison

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