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Copenhagen…Probably the best city in the world!

Greetings from Compenhagen, Denmark:

We are so blessed to have the chance to fly over to Copenhagen to visit our Danish friends. Clayton met Simon, Birgitte, and Anders while at Tauernohf bible school in Austria back in 2001. Since then, Simon and Birgitte have married and just gave birth to their first son, Jarl. Anders continues his biblical studies and is about to write his thesis and formally become a preacher in the Danish church in next year or so.

After waking up at 3:00am to catch our flight from the UK, we arrive in sunny Copenhagen to find our friend Simon waiting at the airport. Excited to catch up with old friends and ready to see the city we head out after meeting up with the rest of the gang.

Copenhagen is a wonderful city. It is safe, fun, clean and easy to get around. In the center of the city is Tivoli Garden. Tivoli is their verson our the Seattle Center, but in our perspective better. It is filled with rides, reasturants, shows, gardens and other Danish goodies. Wasting no time we enter Tivoli and take in the summer activities and prepare for their big rollercoaster! With a bit of apprehension and excitment we strap ourselves in for an intense ride of drops, loops and “cork-screws”. We finished off the day with their famous hard candy, a short walk through the city and a nice meal back at Simon and Birgitte’s house.

The next days offered up some great conversation and views of both the city and the countryside. Two highlights include eating a tasty ice cream, with a kind of marsh mellow topping called “Guff”, after taking in the city from a wonderful canal ride. The other highlight was going to the town of Sorø (about 1hr drive southwest of Copenhagen). In Sorø Anders is working with a church and is reaching out to the town’s youth to encourage dialogue and share the love of Christ with them. One way they are doing this is by using a bus that has been converted into a cafe called “Cafe Intro”. He parks it in town and the kids come in for coffee and to hang out. It also allows them to ask tough questions and to try and figure out this “Christian” thing. One surprise on or trip to Sorø was that Anders took us out in the bus and parked it by a beautiful lake for coffee and a movie!
We are so thankful for our friends in Copenhagen and are excited to see what the Lord will do through them in the coming years.

Now back to London before going to New York City.

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Cornwall: Land of Pasties and Clotted Cream

Sorry it has been awhile friends. We’ve been having too much fun in the last week, plus.

From Monday through Friday of last week our UK adoptive mum and dad (James & Mary Alice) took us to the country side! And what a time we had! 

We started off in the Malvern Hills which sit on the edge of Wales. While James and MA were visiting with friends, we were loaned a little red car which took us to some great treks. We went to one of the higher hills and amongst the sheep and bunny rabbits we took in the spectacular views. We had supper with our wonderful hosts, Jill and Martin (friends of the Wilsons) and fantastic conversation.

From the hills we had a long drive to Cornwall.  We took a coastal detour and visited the small and VERY narrow streets of Port Isaac and also a great beach littered with surfers decked out in wetsuits. On to Wadebridge where Jame’s sister, Rosina, owns a 300 year old classic stone home which she often runs as a B&B. She was such a sweet woman and welcomed us (along with her two black labs) quite openly. The home sat on many acres of farm land and you could see all the way to the estuary below. The views were expansive of the wide open spaces and we truly got a feel for the slower pace of life outside London.

One of the highlights was visiting the small town of Padstow both by ferry and by bicycle. Padstow is a small fishing village off the Atlantic coast and offers cute little shops and restaurants. Our first visit (by ferry) was attained geared up in waterproof everything, as the weather was unbelievably poor. However, we adopted the name ‘liquid sunshine’ as a substitute for what we Washingtonians call rain. Very cute location and we had the privilege of eating fish and chips at a Rick Stein restaurant (apparently a big deal in the UK) – delish!

Our second visit to Padstow met us with much finer weather. We had quite the bicycle ride through the country and overall biked about 17 miles. The next day, Rosina lead us on a coastal walk that took us to gorgeous cliffs and rock formations. Not a place where you want to stand too close to the edge for long, but you want to drink in the view forever.

On the way home we soaked in some Todd Bentley sermons and reflected on our gratitude for the Wilsons. What a blessing they are to us-full of love and incredible wisdom. They are an answer to prayer. We also made another stop (third for us) to Marks & Spencer, our new fav grocery store. Valencia Orange and Willamete Raspberry Juice (100%) is truly something we shall miss.

Oh…by the way…the title references the joy we found in the local cuisine of steak filled pasties and scones topped with jam and clotted cream. 🙂 Continue reading

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Prayer in the Park

Saturday, July 5th, we took a leap of faith.   We went to Parson’s Green withJames Wilson and members from Christ Church Fulham to pray for healing at afestival on the green.  We did not associate it with a church or ministry, but simply handed out leaflets inviting people to receive prayer for healing if they so chose.  We directed them to a booth that had a huge sign that read “HEALING”. There was no hiding behind anything here folks.  Who we are and what we’re about was spelled out in blue and white in a very public place.

We had the privilege of praying for a woman from Uganda who suffered from diabetes.  After praying with her for several minutes, we sensed that the Lord was revealing that she and her family had a long history of witchcraft. We laid it all on the table and asked her about it and quickly discovered that there had been a long “tradition” of witchcraft in her family. We encouraged her to pray off the curses from that lifestyle and she went for it! She began to repent of heractivity, her sister’s activity, her ancestors and children’s activity; she went on and on as tears streamed down her face.  It was an amazing moment and particular eye opening when she began to thank God for answering her morning prayer: ‘Please provide me with someone today who can see in to my life in ways that I can not, so I can see how I can be closer to God.’  There we were – a direct answer to prayer. It was so amazing to see how God worked!  We believe that God has healed her of diabetes…however, we will never know.

Later on…we witnessed a physical miracle!  As Jenny stood next to James, sharing her heart about how she was excited to pray for people who had internal issues, she never had an answer as to whether they were healed: she wanted to see something.  While this was being expressed, Stuart Lees, the Vicor of Christ Church Fulham, began to pray for a twelve year-old girl with cerebral palsy. We came around them and began to pray in agreement for this girl’s healing.

He laid hands on her and prayed for a minute or two. He asked if she could feel anything and she did not. Stuart then asked she and the family which stood about her what would be a sign to them that God was reallyworking.  They responded by saying that she would be able to move her right leg, which had been paralyzed since birth. With this knowledge Stuart and the rest of us continued to pray. He then asked her to move her right leg. She lifted it 3 inches off the wheelchair platform extension, to which she and her family responded with weeping!  Miracle!!!  Miracle!!!  The family could hardly believe it and neither could any of us.  We delighted in the goodness of God and cannot wait to hear of the day in which she will walk again.

It was a pleasure to be a part of this faith-filled day and testified with the others of the power of God at church the next morning! God is so good!

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London Calling

Here we are, July 4th – no fireworks and eating dinner with the redcoats (we’re staying with the Wilson family). It’s a bit weird but alright. We really don’t have much to complain about, considering that dreams have come true in the last few days, particulary for Clayton. Since he was a little boy Clayton has dreamed of going to the Wimbledon Grand Slam Tournament and walk the grounds where the great tennis players of today and yester-year have played.

With our friends Rory (who has many years of experience of going to Wimbledon) and Anna along to show us the ropes, we woke up early on Monday, June 30th, the day after our long flight from Cape Town to London to queue up. By 7:30am there were over 2,000 people in line before us waiting to purchase ground passes. As we waited in line we enjoyed great conversation, the morning sunshine, the perfect cup of English tea and discussed our game plan for the day. The grounds pass offered 18 different courts of action (excluding Court 1 and Center Court), including court 2 where we could manouver our way to a small section where we could watch Venus Williams play. We were able to get front row of the standing section on Court 2 and the view was incredible. You could see most of the grounds while still having a clear view of the Venus William’s match. After watching Venus win her match in straight sets we moved on to other action.
We then went to a double’s match where we watched Travis Parrott from Portland, OR.  Clayton played Travis in the Junior Tennis Circuit when he was younger. We then went up to “Henman” hill to watch the end of the Roger Federer match on the big screen. While enjoying some strawberries and cream Rory shared a strategy of how we could get seats on center court without having a reserved seat ticket. With God’s favor upon us we asked a guard to let us sit in some empty seats on Center Court and sure enough, we went in. We watched an exciting upset unfold before our eyes as the #4 seed on the women’s side lost to the #14 ranked player. It was so amazing to be there knowing that great players like Borg, Sampras, Lendl, Hingus, Evert, Graph etc. etc. have all played here. It was so special to be there; you could feel the history.
The much anticipated Center Court match with Brit, Andy Murray would be next and alas, we were asked to give up our seats. We met back up with Rory, Anna and a friend of Rory’s who helped get us on to Court 1. From our 5th row seats we watched Marat Safin win his match and continue his march to the Semi Finals where he eventaully lost to Roger Federer. All in all our day at Wimbledon was amazing. Great weather! Great friends! Great tennis!
Other highlights thus far in London include: A dinner with the Cordles (Mrs. Orchard’s father and his wife), more time with Mrs. Orchard and the children (visiting family in London-small world again), the Lion King from 5 rows back, a day with Daisy (the Wilson’s daughter) and watching Todd Bently on God TV with James Wilson! What a blessing its all been.
Back to the Lakeland Revival on God TV… you gotta catch this stuff… its wild!

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