Bali Birthday to Cape Town Arrival

Now we write to the sounds of pouringrain.  Seriously – it is SO loud.  Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa in the Southern Hemisphere’s version of Winter.  Not so cold, about 60F every day, but its a bit of shocker coming from 90F plus humidity.

To wrap up Bali, we celebrated a birthday and we had a very unique celebration.  A very special breakfast cooked by the ‘chef’ and a bit of souvenier shopping lead to an amazing prayer time with a woman and her unborn child.   This was an incredible prayer time.  We not only received her original design, but at her request prayed for her unborn child as well.  She had been wavering on whether or not she would keep the child.  After hearing who the Lord had in mind as He was “knitting” the child in her womb, she was thrilled and has told people that she intends to keep it.  How amazing!  This woman does not even have a relationship with the Lord, but now knows the taste of His great love for her and her child.  She left with much more hope than she had arrived with and we pray that she stays strong in her decision in the face of much adversity.
We had opportunity to play with the kids again on the Monday-Sunday School where we taught about how God goes with us wherever we go. The kids will be on a 5 week break so teaching them about prayer (talking with God) as they go out was a helpful tool to give them.  After activities all the children sang Happy Birthday in the English and Indonesian version. We rushed off to finish packing so we could have dinner at the home of our new surfer-real estate friend.  He developed his property in to luxury villas and his personal home was unbelievably gorgeous.  We prayed for one of the dinner guests and then had a meal straight off of the Iron Chef.  Imagine a beautiful cheese ravioli topped with parmesan ice cream and some other pretty detail.  It was gorgeous and oh so gourmet.  A perfect birthday dinner and great wrap up of our time.
On to Cape Town, South Africa!!!!
We said our goodbyes to the Orchards – praying on the way to the airport – and went through the multiple security stations. After a layover in Malaysia, another in Doha, Qatar and another in Johannesburg, SA we arrived in Cape Town to a beautiful sunset and moonrise.  The best part though was seeing the beautiful faces of our dear friends Rene and Abby. We’re staying with Rene and Caroline in the Lansdowne area of Cape Town complete with pool and creepy-crawly (that is what they call the machine that cleans the pool, it is indeed creepy and crawly).
The last two days have been hanging out with our dear friend, Rene.  We’ve shown up to prayer meetings, meetings about refugees in SA, discipleship meetings.  We’ve just been hanging out, doing life with Rene.  We’ve also had opportunity to see downtown Cape Town which is absolutely beautiful, even in the rain.  We look forward to seeing more of the city with the so-called mountain in the background (now I’m just teasing Rene – there is indeed a mountain: Table Mountain, which we hope to climb).

Today we visited one of the refugee camps by the name of Youngsfield a military base in Cape Town. People from all over Africa have taken refuge here: Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, etc.  We are a blessed Nation.  SA has 30% unemployment, plus refugees fleeing war torn nations trying to find jobs.  Violence has been occurring in the North of SA amongst people with xenophobia.  Many of the people in these refugee camps are fleeing people within their own country as well.  Its a terrible issue (read the BBC), but is certainly bringing the churches and faith-based organizations together.  We hope to learn more while we’re here.
Tonight we celebrate Abby’s Birthday.  We’ve just been informed that it is not tradition for South African’s to have friends throw birthday parties for other friends, but you are solely responsible for your birthday… interesting traditions.  Until next time…
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2 Responses to Bali Birthday to Cape Town Arrival

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a birthday! Oh, to hear 30 children singing Happy Birthday to me in their native tounge – I think I would cry, but that’s just me.

    Did you get the recipie for that ravioli!? It sounds VERY gourmet except for one thing… where’s the Feta?! 😉


  2. Jamie & Alison Anderson says:

    That sounds like a blast! 🙂 We’re loving hearing about the adventures, guys – sounds like the ride of a lifetime! We love and miss you! Richest blessings from the Andersons – Jamie & Al

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