All Roads Lead To Lembogan Island

What a marvelous day we had! 

We slept in and jumped in the car to meet a friend of the Orchards for breakfast. Sitting there were some interesting characters, one of which had one eye and was chartering a boat with a helipad out for thirty people. McJagger and his groupies had opted out…we could only imagine who else would be onboard. It’s simply a different life out here. It seems that every white person we’ve met is very well connected. Its fascinating who this island draws in. 

The friend of the Orchards, Saxon (whom we met for breakfast) is an Aussie-surfer-resort developer and LOVES the Lord. We met him for breakfast, because he kindly was loaning us his 36 foot boat for the day to venture to Lembogan Island. We’ll be having dinner with him Tuesday night to give him a more formal thank you.

We headed to the marina with children all over our laps as several of the Orchards friends came aboard with us and brought all their little ones. Complete with Captain and one Crew, we were off at about 30 knots to the outer island. It only took us 45 minutes to arrive at a Crystal Bay for snorkeling. We hopped in and the corals were absolutely amazing; waving back and forth with the fast moving current. The unfortunate part of the fast moving current is that all these little jellies started toward us and felt like fire whips as they touched your skin. We thought we could tolerate it, but after several stings we couldn’t focus on the fish and coral, we had to return.
We headed to Mushroom Beach on Lembogan Island where the snorkeling wasn’t the best, but the beach was like soft golden sugar and the catch of the day was fantastic eating. It was here that we also met up with Diane, the woman we sat next to on the airplane from Hong Kong (remember she was flying over to meet her sister). Her sister, Loraine, a good friend of the Orchards was also there to greet us.
We played in the water for a few more hours, doing somersaults with the children and just enjoying the amazing beauty of this place. We returned back to the Orchard residence in time to shower up and head down the street for a 75 minute massage that Mrs. Orchard had arranged for us.
We think this was one of the best Sabbaths we’ve ever had.
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2 Responses to All Roads Lead To Lembogan Island

  1. Anonymous says:

    What an incredible adventure you guys are on! We love the blog…keep those posts coming. We pray for further supernatural encounters along the road.

    We love you both…

    Marc and Sallie

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey! Can you change your layout again? The words are falling off the page… šŸ˜‰

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