Cankles, Reflexology and New Relationships

Interesting title huh? Well, we’ve seen and been through a lot in the last 72 hours.After a 13 hour flight from Vancouver, B.C., we arrived in Hong Kong at 5am. The flight was incredible. Lots of sleep, several movies and AMAZING food (well, amazing for airplane food). We flew Cathay Pacific and we highly recommend them if you’re flying to the Orient. The Hong Kong airport really is beautiful: full of comfy chairs, interesting architecture and art as well as some yummy restaurants. When anywhere, do as the locals do, therefore we had BBQ Pork Ramon for breakfast. No eggs and bacon for us.

After 4 hours wandering the airport, we both could feel the pressure building in our legs. Thirteen hours on a plane without much muscle movement is the perfect scenario for cankles. Yes, cankles. This phenomenon occurs when your ankles swell to the same size as the lower part of your leg, making the leg seem to continue in to the foot without any joint. Not sure if this is a made up term or if I got it from some sitcom, but it suited the situation.

We jumped back on the plane for Bali and met a lovely British woman off to visit her sister. Funny thing – turns out the couple we’re staying with here know her sister. We’re excited to see her again. It is a small world. We arrived around 3pm Bali time and much to our dismay our luggage was not so fortunate. Somehow it never left Vancouver and we would need to wait a day for its arrival.

At last we meet the our host family at their beautiful home in Seminyak; Villa Mandalay. its just stunning here: lovely garden, pool – a real Tropical Villa with thatched roof and teak furnishings. Its just delightful. We have our own little place complete with mosquito net around the bed. There are 4 dogs with such funny personalities and their children are so wonderful.

We spent yesterday at the beach our hostess, the children and another guest of theirs on holiday from the UK. We had the privilege of praying for this woman from the UK, as she has only just decided to give her life to the Lord. We arrived at the tail end of this process and felt very blessed to send her home with encouragement about how God has created her. We will be meeting up with her when we make it to London. She’s requested we pray for her children as well. We’re excited for this new friendship.For more detail of what goes on at the beach – they try to sell you everything: fruit, ice cream, Hindu idols, necklaces… it really is insane, but it is beautiful and the people are very kind. We had the opportunity to go boogie boarding with our new friends’ 4 year old son. He’s quite fearless and we enjoyed taking on the waves with him.

Today was amazing! After a lovely breakfast that the staff prepared for us (we feel INCREDIBLY spoilt here) we prayed and spoke with our hostess about an array of topics, but the best part was simply to bring the encouragement of what powerful purpose God has for her and her family being in Bali. There is so much hope and anticipation of what God can do in a Hindu culture, as it only takes one to make an impact for Jesus Christ. We prayed for wisdom and insight before arriving here that we could look upon their situation with His eyes and we believe He’s answered that prayer as she has already expressed a renewed hope.

We then went on to lunch and met up with another friend of hostess. She expressed concerns she was having for her children’s behavior and how she is at a loss of what to do. The Mrs. began to speak to her about what a difference speaking God’s purpose over her children has made in their lives. Her friend perked up and said she would love to be able to do that. So we offered to pray for her right there at the street side restaurant. God spoke to us about how He had uniquely created her and her twin boys. It was fantastic. We later learned that she doesn’t have a relationship with God, but there she was willingly and receiving His word…

After arriving home, we went for a walk and with our hostess’s encouragement we went to a reflexologist. I’m pretty convinced that there will be streaks of bruises down the arches of my foot and the top of my leg. How utterly excruciating, but somehow relaxing? After our half hour foot and lower leg reflexology session (for $5) and our cup of ginger tea (wow)..we felt like we could dance home. I think we may be in danger of staying here indefinitely…

So now we sign off as its about 8:30pm and dinner is about ready. We’re sitting by the pool in the dark and the sound of giant geckos (not the ones you find in Hawaii – bigger) and falling fruits make us thankful that we’re REALLY here… REALLY… how amazing. And its only the beginning.

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5 Responses to Cankles, Reflexology and New Relationships

  1. Anonymous says:

    Omigosh. Thank you for your amazing update!! You both are such amazing writers. I do believe that these adventures should be bound in a book, complete with photos. πŸ™‚ I love you guys!!! Bless you!!

    -Bethany Vieth-

  2. Anonymous says:

    reading your update really lifted my spirit and brought joy!!! That is what you two carry with you everywhere you go- PRAISE GOD!!! cant wait to hear more (by the way- amazing first day blog!!!!)

  3. Jamie Anderson says:

    I love it. Guys, this is AWESOME! Bless you guys…hey, did anyone else notice that you’re writing like a brit? πŸ™‚ Jamie

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was going to mention He writes like a Brit too! Very Posh and Proper Clayton. Sounds like the perfect timing for you guys to be out there… all that fruit and ancouragment happening so quickly, WOW! I have only one request, from Panda and Motu, they want you to bring them back one of the giant geckos. πŸ™‚

  5. Jennalise Geary says:

    thanks for sharing your lives with us πŸ™‚

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