Vancouver, BC

We’re going on an adventure, Charlie…. an adventure. For any of you who don’t know the reference, we’ll fill you in later. 

So here we are, sitting in the Vancouver Airport typing our first blog ever. *Yawn. Its 12:12am. We arrived at around 4pm and headed in to the city for bubble tea and some bomb Chinese food. We love that there are so many Asians in this city, because the food is incredible! We highly recommend Hon’s House of Noodles for amazing potstickers and a stimulating environment. Ever been to a Chinese Restaurant where they have stations… Vegetarian, Chef’s Special…etc? It was crazy! Then go get yourself some Lychee Bubble Tea down the road… kinda the texture of fish eyeballs, but sure is tasty.

The best part… we met this guy named Ean from the UK as we were heading back to the bus stop. He was in quite a bind: cards not working, luggage detained, and owed $60 in taxes and fees to get home. We’re hoping this was a legit story, because we gave him $80 in exchange for some Yorkshire Pudding and his mum’s Roast Beef when we make it to Corwall, UK. We have all his contact info so we’re hoping to hook up with him in July.

That’s it for right now folks. I just about had a I’m-exhausted-and-the-design-of-this-blog-is-not-suiting-my-taste-at-midnight fit. But I’m over it… now that the world can know that we’ve made it this far. More to come!

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